Call For Abstracts

The ALERT Users Group is pleased to invite you to submit abstracts for presentation at the 27th Flood Warning Systems Training Conference and Exposition. This nationally known and respected conference will be held in Ventura, California from April 17-20, 2018. This in-depth training event will be focused on
"Navigating the Future of Flood Warning Together"
There will be professional training sessions and many opportunities to discuss recent developments concerning effective operation, maintenance and management of real time flood warning systems.

Conference Format:

The 2018 training conference format will feature in-depth workshops and training sessions over a three and a half day period. Presentations will be twenty-five minutes in length, with five minutes for questions. Presentations will be grouped into similar-topic sessions and moderated by members of the ALERT User’s Group Board of Directors.  Training workshops will be sixty to ninety minutes in length.

Conference Topics:

Below is a brief outline of proposed topics to be covered at the conference:
Storm Forecasting Tools
  • GIS applications in forecasting
  • Quantitative precipitation forecasting
  • Probabilistic forecasting
  • Radar developments
  • Flood and flash flood forecasting
  • Advances in forecast run-off models
  • Use of severe weather forecasts in flood response programs
Flood Warning System Design, Operations, Maintenance and Repair
  • Designing and operating effective local and regional flood warning systems
  • Proper equipment maintenance and calibration to improve system reliability
  • Telemetry Options: ALERT1 & ALERT2 radio, satellite, network, cellular & SCADA
  • Recent advances in stream flow measurement methods and technologies
  • Automated sign and barrier technologies
  • Real-Time monitoring for dam safety
  • Use of ALERT Systems During and After Fires
  • Case histories of recent flood events
  • Flood response evaluation and planning
The Future of Real-Time Flood Warning
  • ALERT2 Radio Protocol Training
  • The Future of Federal Flood Programs: FEMA Project Impact, NWS StormReady, USGS Cooperative Water Program
  • Federal Hydrologic radio frequencies: Radio license issues and requirements
  • Coordinating state and regional flood response programs with local programs
  • International perspectives on real-time flood warning and monitoring systems
  • Effectively reaching & educating the public
  • Evolving roles of the media, internet and social media during flood events: what are the opportunities and the challenges?
Watershed and Water Quality Management
  • Clean Water Act: How NPDES and TMDL programs are impacting agencies
  • Integrating real-time water-quality monitoring into existing ALERT flood systems
Emergency Management & Preparedness
  • FEMA Community Rating System
  • Developing effective flood warning plans and emergency operating procedures
  • Special programs for flood prone areas
  • Advances in flood inundation mapping
  • Data: Quality assurance & control
  • Data-archiving solutions for future use
  • Funding Opportunities for flood warning systems in challenging financial times
Instructions for Submitting Abstracts
  1. Abstracts should not exceed one page.
  2. Abstracts should clearly describe the topic and have a title that clearly relates to the subject matter to be presented.
  3. A concise biography of all authors must be submitted. This should include the name, job title, employer, phone number, street and e-mail address of each author. The person or people who will present the paper at the conference must be clearly identified.
  4. Abstracts and biographies must be submitted as a PDF file by January 19, 2018. Send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  5. Preparation for a complete paper is highly encouraged, but is not a requirement for submitting an Abstract and making a presentation at the conference.
  6. By submitting an Abstract or paper, authors agree to its distribution at the conference and to subsequent reproduction in the conference proceedings and on the website of the ALERT Users Group.
  7. Authors will be notified in Feburary 2018 of their inclusion in the conference program.
Additional Conference details are on the ALERT Users Group web site:
We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 ALERT Users Group’s Flood Warning Systems Training Conference and Exposition!

The ALERT Users Group