This site is dedicated to those serving the interests of the public in protecting property and lives from the threat of floods

New AUG Board of Directors Elected

At the ALERT Users Groupís Annual Business Meeting, a new Board of Directors was elected.  Members of the new Board of Directors are as follows: Kim Blair, Steve Clark, Don†Daves, Jason Demers, Randy Forbey, Heidi Huber, John P Huber, Tim Jeppsen, Robert Laag, Ron Marotto, Todd Mendell, Rob Nelson, Bruce Rindahl, Sue Swenor, and George†Wilkins.

2016 AUG Conference

The ALERT Users Groupís next conference will be at the Tenaya Lodge near Yosemite in April 2016.   A Call for Abstracts will be issued in the Fall of 2015. Read More

Did you know that floods are one of the most deadly and damaging natural disasters known to mankind!

This site is dedicated to reducing injuries, deaths, and property damage caused by floods. Reliable flood forecasting and early detection of flood conditions are critical components of an effective local flood warning program. For nearly two decades, user groups have maintained close associations with private sector vendors, consultants and government agencies involved with the business of flood warning. This has contributed substantially to the technological advancement of automated real-time monitoring systems. The technologies and methods described at this site illustrate some of the capabilities which have evolved, resulting in many successful flood warnings and partnerships. In addition to flood warning, these technologies are useful in many other areas of water resource management and planning.

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